Enhancing your open plan office and increasing employee engagement

Enhancing your open plan office and increasing employee engagement

As small businesses and agencies face the ongoing challenge of meeting the ever-changing needs of their workforce, hybrid work means predicting who will be present in the office at any given time becomes increasingly complex. This shift highlights the importance of smart and efficient workspace design. However, smaller companies face added complexity in balancing the purpose of the office with its financial implications.

For many small businesses, renting space in larger buildings or shared venues presents an attractive solution that is economical while still providing an effective working environment. By opting for shared spaces, these companies can tap into the benefits of a collaborative ecosystem while mitigating the financial risks associated with owning or leasing a dedicated office space.

For agencies, shared buildings provide opportunities for networking and collaboration. From chance encounters in communal areas to formalised networking events, shared spaces foster a sense of community and connectivity. Additionally, the cost-sharing model allows agencies to reallocate their funds for business growth.

However, as small businesses and agencies embrace the advantages of shared office environments, they also encounter unique challenges. The biggest challenge among them is the need to create conducive workspaces amidst the hustle and bustle of communal settings.

In such environments, noise and distractions can pose significant barriers to productivity and concentration, impacting employee productivity. It also creates challenges when private and confidential calls need to take place, but there are no spaces to do so. But workspace design matters, and sound-proof pods are an attractive solution to the challenges of noise and distraction in small office spaces.


Meet the Portico.

For employees within an open plan space, staying focused can be tough amid the daily hustle and bustle, without separate rooms and floors available for use. Noise from meetings, phones, and activity can quickly disrupt productivity, leading some to choose remote work instead. That's where sound-proof pods come in, and Spacestor's Portico booth leads the way in workplace design with people in mind, offering all the essentials of a solo working pod for any user.

After years of studying user needs, we've crafted the most user-friendly single user pods available today. The Portico is the culmination of our research, designed to prioritize simplicity and functionality for modern work environments.

The beauty of sound-proof pods lies in their ability to provide a sanctuary of calm and quiet within the midst of a busy office environment. Whether for focused work, confidential conversations, or moments of respite, these pods offer a space where employees can escape the distractions and immerse themselves in their tasks and projects.

But the benefits of the Portico extend far beyond noise reduction. By creating designated spaces for privacy and concentration, companies foster a culture of respect, trust, and support for their employees' diverse work styles and preferences. In an era where remote work and flexibility are the norm, providing employees with design choice and environments that they need to thrive is paramount to attracting and retaining top talent.

Featuring a sleek design in various colours, the Portico offers both sitting and standing desk options to suit different preferences. Looking after employee’s physical health too as well as showcasing dedication to employee well-being and satisfaction.

By investing in solutions that promote focus, creativity, and collaboration, organizations can demonstrate their understanding of the intrinsic link between workspace and employee engagement. In doing so, they lay the foundation for a positive and productive work culture that drives innovation, growth, and success.

In developing the Portico, by streamlining features and focusing on essentials, we've created a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality or comfort. The Portico is also eco-friendly, with 97% recyclable materials and low emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

For small companies navigating the complexities of open plan office environments, the adoption of Portico pods represents a strategic imperative. By prioritizing spaces within spaces, without creating walls or barriers, pods and booths allow organizations to position themselves for long-term success in an ever-changing business landscape, no matter the size of their office.

Say hello to the Portico, your go-to choice for enhancing productivity and well-being in small office spaces. If you’re thinking about rehauling your workspace design to improve employee wellbeing, creativity and retention, you can get in touch with us here - we’d love to help.

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