Case Study: Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Case Study: Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Born out of the simultaneous desire to invest in new ways of working and the conclusion of a 60-year lease, the new space for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) is a workplace celebrating both the heritage of the organization and its future thinking perspective. With a new location of 6,600 sq ft decided upon and the aim to revolutionize their physical space, the GBCC partnered with Rhino Interiors Group for the design and build.

Rhino expertly worked with their client to successfully curate an interior which reflected their aim; an office which is closely aligned with the needs of their employees whilst championing a fusion of legacy and progressiveness. To ensure the maximum comfortability of users, a design scheme was proposed which highlighted familiar soft forms, elegant details, and a welcoming aura.

Textures and materials were specially curated with the Chambers’ brand identity in consideration. Deep grain, warming woodgrains, earthy greens and neutral greys are complimented with bright spotlights of teal and polished brass, providing an invigorating energy in working zones. Touches of classic tradition, such as ornate rugs and archways, work well with the overall contemporary approach. A relaxed environment seeps through the collaborative, focused, private and lounge areas creating a calming vein, enhanced by the introduction of biophilia.

Portico, Spacestor’s acoustic pod which benefits from the learnings of years of curating the best user experience, was provided to give employees a quiet space to work. Seamlessly sleek, Portico’s efficient structure and clean look blends into the design, supporting the user with built-in power, ventilation, patented acoustics, and step-free access. The standing-height desk was chosen to accommodate both a high stool and standing position, whilst integrated PIR lighting helps to reduce energy consumption.

Spacestor were excited to work with the GBCC and Rhino to help them in furnishing the workplace with a choice of spaces to choose from, depending on the activity on hand. In a workplace scene where employee autonomy is at a premium, an unmistakable intent to encourage variation and intrigue was important, as well as crucial for the functionality of the space. Larger scale spaces for events are also provided for with built-in flexibility through bifold doors and modular furniture which can be moved to accommodate varying functions.  

“Rhino Interiors Group have been a truly excellent partner throughout the process. Their team were creative, engaging and very focused on our needs as a customer.” Henrietta affirms that, “we are delighted with the space and enjoying seeing the sense of pride in our team as we settle in to our new home.”

The GBCC, whose aim is to unleash the potential of Greater Birmingham’s businesses, has successfully invested in the future of its own people, to deliver a space which will encourage and attract them to be part of the local community, flourish and reach their full potential.

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